When To Use Crankbaits (Plugs)

When To Use Crankbaits (Plugs)

Crankbait lures are often very realistic, looking like actual fish swimming under water.. The angle and size of the crankbait’s lip determines how far it will dive. The longer the lip, the deeper your crankbait will be able to dive. So a shorter lip is better for shallow water or where there is a lot of vegetation under the water and a longer lip for deeper waters such as the ocean.

Crankbaits wobble back and forth, side to side and work best when you retrieve them from the bottom or when trolling in open water. Play around with them by retrieving them slowly or quickly and twitching them every once in a while, to try and draw predator fish closer.

Crankbaits normally have two or more trebble hooks, so casting them in between a lot of vegetation might not be a good idea. Its best to cast them near rock piles, or open water close to vegetation. Bright coloured rattling crankbaits work best for dirty, murky waters.

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