Fishing lure technique: Take your dog for a walk

Fishing Lure Technique: Take your dog for a walk

Lure Technique: Take Your Dog For Walk

Fishing lure technique: Take your dog for a walk

This is a very effective fishing technique that we got taught from a young age that resulted in a myriad of great memories. This technique is similar to the wrist motion you would make when walking your dog. You’ll need a weighted rear end surface lure for the best results.

After casting your lure to your chosen spot you’ll have to point your rod tip to the water at a forty-five-degree angle. With a jerking motion, move the rod tip downward to a ninety-degree angle, reel up the slack and repeat.

Keep your movements at a steady speed. This will mimic the movement of a bait fish.

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When To Use Crankbaits (Plugs)

When To Use Crankbaits (Plugs)

Crankbait lures are often very realistic, looking like actual fish swimming under water.. The angle and size of the crankbait’s lip determines how far it will dive. The longer the lip, the deeper your crankbait will be able to dive. So a shorter lip is better for shallow water or where there is a lot of vegetation under the water and a longer lip for deeper waters such as the ocean.

Crankbaits wobble back and forth, side to side and work best when you retrieve them from the bottom or when trolling in open water. Play around with them by retrieving them slowly or quickly and twitching them every once in a while, to try and draw predator fish closer.

Crankbaits normally have two or more trebble hooks, so casting them in between a lot of vegetation might not be a good idea. Its best to cast them near rock piles, or open water close to vegetation. Bright coloured rattling crankbaits work best for dirty, murky waters.

Catch ‘em All has a large variety of crankbait lures available to ensure you have a successful day of fishing next to any waters.

Fishing tackle wholesalers in South Africa

Tips for choosing a wholesale supplier for your fishing tackle retail store in South Africa

Tips for choosing a wholesale supplier for your fishing tackle retail store in South Africa

1.      What is The Lead Time

You will need to know how long will it take for you to receive your order from the date that you have placed your order. Also keep in mind that lead time can fluctuate during the year as there are busier and quieter times. At Catch ‘em All fishing tackle wholesalers, we will only show you products that we have stock of, so depending on where you are in South Africa, you can expect to receive your fishing tackle products within 1 – 3 days.

2.      What is The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The MOQ means the absolute minimum order amount that you have to place in order to receive the bulk price from the wholesaler for your retail store. This is very important if you are a smaller fishing tackle retailer that doesn’t have a big budget or a lot of storage space to purchase very large amounts that some wholesalers will require from you. So something to keep in mind. At Catch ‘em All fishing tackle wholesalers we have a very small minimum order quantity (MOQ) for fishing tackle retailers as we understand that budget and space can be a big hurdle for most fishing tackle retailers in South Africa.

The wholesale pricing is also very important as you will have to make enough profit for your business as well. Catch ‘em All fishing tackle wholesalers always strive to ensure the highest profit margins for our fishing tackle retail partners.

3.      Do They Have Samples for You to View

It is always a good idea to have a look at the samples from the wholesalers first, before you decide to order from them. Even though you don’t produce the product, if there is something wrong with the product, your customers will take it out on you.

The Catch ‘em All team are always more than happy to showcase our fishing tackle products. If you are a fishing tackle retailer in South Africa that is looking for good quality at a great price with excellent profit margins for you fishing tackle products, contact Catch ‘em All fishing tackle wholesalers and we will blow you away.

4.      What Will the Wholesale Supplier Do for You

Do not be afraid to ask the wholesaler what they will do for you when you start stocking their products in your fishing tackle store. Some wholesalers will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Catch ‘em All sees fishing tackle retailers that stock our products as our partners. We will market your business alongside ours. We want to build a long-lasting relationship. Now isn’t that what you want from a fishing tackle wholesaler?


If you want to get in touch with Catch ‘em All, our contact info is , and

What is a red tide?

What is a red tide?

According to Carleton College it is a phenomenon caused by algal blooms. They become so much that they discolour the water in the ocean. It depletes oxygen in the water and/or release bad toxins that can cause illness in animals and humans. So rather stay away from the ocean when you hear about it or see it. It could take a couple of days before it is safe to go in to the ocean or fish again.